Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are the classes?
Afterschool Cornucopia offers 1-hour classes on campus at Linwood Howe, El Rincon and El Marino schools right after the end of the school day.

Are the teachers vaccinated?
Our teachers and staff on campus have all been vaccinated for Covid.

Are the classes outdoors?
Yes. Every single one of our classes will be meeting outdoors (except during rain). Sit-down classes will meet at outdoor tables.

When can I sign up?
Our Fall catalogs will be posted here very soon and registration will open shortly after.

How long is the semester?
Our Fall term is from 8/30-12/16.

Do classes fill up?
Typically, some of our classes will fill up and others won’t.

How do kindergarteners get to the classes?
We pick up Kinder students at their classrooms and walk them over to our classes.

Different question?
Please use our contact form to reach us.